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Barium is a chemical element with the symbol Ba and atomic number 56. It is the fifth element in group 2 and is a soft, silvery alkaline earth metal.Because of its high chemical reactivity, barium is never found in nature as a free element.Its hydroxide, known in pre-modern times as baryta, does not occur as a mineral, but can be prepared by heating barium carbonate.

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Barium carbonate is an insoluble barium salt of carbonic acid with the formula BaCO 3, even less soluble than barium sulfate.Unlike BaSO 4, barium carbonate reacts with acids and can serve as precursor to any barium salt.

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Barium carbonate powder is dense and white and is manufactured either from the mineral barite (BaSO4) or from barium chloride. Subsequently a precipitation process is used to get the carbonate form. There are several crystalline forms of BaCO3, alpha is the most stable.

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Barium Carbonate is manufactured from natural barium sulfate (barite) by reduction with pet coke and following precipitation with carbon dioxide. Characteristics: - Insoluble in water and organic solvents - Reacts with acid releasing carbon dioxide

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The Barium Carbonate, which we offer, is manufactured using the best quality raw materials, Barium Carbonate. The Barium Carbonate is a kind of white odorless or granular, almost insoluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, soluble is solution of acids, which is widely used in production of barium …

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Barium carbonate is found in nature in the form of the mineral witherite. It is produced from barium sulfide by the reaction BaS + H 2 O + CO 2 = BaCO 3 + H 2 S. It is used in producing other barium compounds, in softening water, and in the manufacture of optical glass, enamels, and glazes.

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It works by dissolving in stomach acid and forming toxic barium salts in the rat's body. This process is replicated in laboratories to produce barium salts for industrial use. Barium carbonate is also used in the production of glass, ceramic, brick and tile. Powdered barium carbonate is a purifier used in industrial chemical production.

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Barium carbonate definition is - a water-insoluble toxic salt BaCO3 occurring in nature as witherite, made artificially by precipitation as a white powder, and used chiefly in making other barium compounds, in removing sulfates from aqueous solutions, in ceramics as a flux, and in optical glass.

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Barium carbonate may be readily obtained by precipitation from a solution of a barium salt by an alkali carbonate, or by the action of carbon dioxide on barium hydroxide solution. It can be formed by the union of carbon dioxide with anhydrous barium oxide if the temperature is raised to about 550° C.

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Barium carbonate standard powder is used in the production of special glass, glazes, brick and tile industry, ceramic and ferrite industry. Barium carbonate standard powder is also used for removing of sulfates in phosphoric acid production and chlorine alkali electrolysis.

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Barium Carbonate High Purity is available in several grades with different chemical purities, shapes and granulometry, all characterized by high reactivity and tightly controlled narrow particle size distribution. These products find their main application in the production of titanates used by the electronic industry for ceramic capacitors and ...

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Barium carbonate is used both in white and green color compositions. When chlorine donors are present in a composition a green color will result from the formation of BaCl+ in the flame. Without chlorine donors, BaO will be formed which emits white light. Barium carbonate is convenient to use in chlorate based color compositions since it will neutralize residual acid which reduces the risk of ...