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Web Tension Control The BXCTRL Web Tension Control is a solid state electronic control that receives a signal from dancer input sensors or two load cells (customer supplied). It integrates two separate Digital PID Controllers and two separate Open Loop controls. nAll set-up is done via SD card or computer n When wired to dancer feedback or load

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Web tension load cell / block type / for web tension control These strip tensiometer load cells can be used for various applications and come with a well-proven design that makes them able to accurately measure, even when used in severe environments. An example application is measuring in tandem cold rolling mills.

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rock mountain crusher video,tension controlled load mills Cone Crusher Coke Automatic Overload,, Condition New Type Cone Crusher Application Mine,ore,rock,stone,coke, Video protable stone crusher, load mills, Joomla,Grinding Mill Types In order to avoid ambiguity, a .

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tension control. Problems associated with winding or unwinding of web materials are described. Finally, an example shows how to code a servo application for taper tension control of a re-winder. Tension zones and Nip Induced TensionTension zones and Nip Induced Tension Different processes require different tensions.

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Since tension and looper control is the key to successful operations in the hot strip finishing mill, several multivariable controllers have been applied. However, this leads to complicated controllers, which are hard to tune on site. This paper presents a new control method based on decentralization and coordination.

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tension controlled load mills Grinding Mill China. tension controlled load mills pa superior alternative to strain gauge tension load cells line tandem cold rolling mill annealing furnace order to achieve good tension control you needdiscover all the information about the product web tension control load …

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Solutions for the Global Metals Industry ... • Maximum tension control • Optimized bridle load distribution • Elongation control (leveler & skin pass mills) ... Hot Mills Caster & Furnace Control Caster control includes precise mold level control and close drive coordination for various types of

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Looper and tension control, shown in Fig. 2, is important in hot strip mills because they affect both the dimensional quality and the mass flow of a strip.The high strip tension between stands induces width shrinkage, thickness reduction and moreover can produce an edge wave on a strip.

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Rolling Mill Control. ... Decades of experience an dozens of mills working with our control is the best of the guarantees that we can offer. ... During production the loop and tension control automatically adjust the R- Factor, ensuring minimum material stress between the stands. No matter if you have one strand or two we have the solution for ...


THE MECHANICS OF TENSION CONTROL By Jeff Damour CONVERTER ACCESSORY COPORATION Wind Gap, PA USA Introduction This presentation is a basic tutorial in the mechanics of web tension control. We will discuss: 1) What is tension? 2) Why is tension important to me? 3) Where is tension control important in the process? 4) How do tension controls work?

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Applications of tension and nip load profile measurement using a novel roll mounted electret film sensor TATU PITKÄNEN AND BOB BETTENDORF ABSTRACT: An intelligent roll is a mechatronic system consisting of a roll in a web handling machine that also is used as a transducer for sensing cross-machine tension or linear load.

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Apr 04, 2013· Web Tension Control Systems- from APPLICATION SYSTEMS, INDIA, for Unwind / Uncoil & Rewind / Coiling processes. It includes Magnetic Powder ( Particle) Brakes, Web Tension Sensing Load Cell ...

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Web tension and control sensors are the input devices used with tension control systems and web guide systems. Nexen's web tension sensors include load cells for measuring the force applied to a sensor roller, roll diameter sensors, and rotary sensors used with dancer systems.

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Force Measuring Sensors (Load Cells) for Web Tension Control. All FMS force measuring sensors are characterised by its highest overload protection and its designated accuracy. It is achieved by a mechanical hardstop and four foil-type strain gauges in a full wheatstone bridge configuration.

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Looper-Tension Control for Hot Strip Finishing Mills Based On the Combination of H ... represents the load torque on the looper and wtZ() denotes the unmodeled dynamics. Td()T is the combination of the loads caused by strip tension TV()T, strip weight

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(1) Skinpass mills and tension levelers used for hot rolling steel sheet There are a skinpass mill and a tension leveler installed on the inlet side of a pickling section of a continuous pickling line (CPL) and a pickling and tandem cold mill (PL-TCM), and also a tension leveler installed in …

Robust Tension Control of Strip for 5-Stand Tandem Cold Mills

Tandem cold rolling process is a nonlinear complex system with external and internal uncertainties and significant disturbances. The improvement in the quality of the final output depends on the control strategy of centerline thickness and interstand tension. This paper focuses on interstand tension control problem in 5-stand tandem cold rolling mills.

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By using a load cell sensor and load cell amplifier with other equipment, you can create a tension control system that automatically keeps controlled tension on material, on a roll, in a manufacturing process. Now that you know a little more about tension load cell technology, take a look at some of the options from Comptrol.

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Jul 12, 2012· Web tension control - loadcells vs. dancer rollers 1. Optimao In control since 1995 Improving the productionprocess through better web tension control 2. The significance of web tension controlWeb tension effect achieved when opposing longitudinal forces are exerted on any substrate(e.g. paper, film, board, cable etc.).

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Oct 10, 2016· Web tension measurement and control are equally important in converting, as well as film, foil, textile, and nonwoven manufacturing. Essentially it is the ability to dynamically control the mechanical tension in any material being processed at any point in the process phase while it is accelerating, decelerating, or at constant speed.


Dimensions for Tru-Tension® Bolts Dome Head Tru-Tension® Fasteners From Nucor Fastener Tru-Tension® Assemblies are manufactured to ASTM F1852 (A325 equivalent) or ASTM F2280 (A490 equivalent) standards in the United States using domestically produced steel. Each Tru-Tension® Bolt is pre-assembled with an ASTM F436 Hardened Washer and a Heavy Hex Nut.

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tension controlled load mills - nkozihomes.co.za. tension controlled load mills grinding mill equipment. Home tension controlled load mills Exhibitor Products International Powder Bulk Solids iPBS The 4B Milli-Speed™ has a 4 20 mA linear output signal and is designed to detect belt slip belt underspeed stop motion low speed or zero speed on bucket elevators conveyors airlocks mixers fans ...